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buy a driver’s license

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Is it possible to buy a driver’s license without exams

Almost every one of us, and recently, even the floor here does not play a role, reaching adulthood is full of one of the most cherished and long-awaited dreams – the purchase of a personal car. Freedom and comfort of movement seem to be a great prospect. Buying the first car becomes an unforgettable event for any person. It’s like the first kiss, or the first love. For life you can change a lot of cars, but the first “swallow” will be remembered forever. Usually with the purchase of an iron horse help parents or part-time work during school, on summer holidays, for example.

Therefore, often our test transport is far from dreams and this is not a brand new Porsche or BMW, but some model of the USA automotive industry with a dead interior hanging out on two bumper screws and a lot of problems with the paintwork. Some of course get lucky and allow the opportunity to immediately buy at least a used foreign car, but the vast majority of us recognized our youthful four-wheeled friend in this description.

So, it was 18 years old and my father promised to help buy a vehicle. It’s a small matter – you need to buy a driver’s license and you can safely implement the plans. And here begins the hardest, but on the other hand and the most important and necessary – the registration of a driver’s license.

And then all modern youth immediately climbs into Yandex or Google with a request “how to buy a driver’s license quickly through the traffic police.” And the search gives on the first pages of dozens of sites where they promise to help buy rights without exams in a short time without prepayment. Reviews and forums trumpet how great and wonderful it is possible to make a driver’s license without training as an external student in almost 1 day.

It would seem that why spend precious time on training in a driving school, studying the theory, obtaining invaluable practical driving skills, so necessary on the road and on which both your life and the fate of the people around you depend, because the road does not forgive mistakes. Many believe that they know the rules well without studying and drive perfectly and this knowledge is more than enough to get behind the wheel and drive calmly.

Unfortunately, most people tend to overestimate their abilities, it is inherent in our nature. And if there are no people nearby who will help with advice and guide you on the true path, so to speak, then it is very easy to go along the wrong path and decide to buy a driver’s license without training. Fortunately, there are plenty of sites and forums ready to help in this.

Remember, write down, memorize – it is impossible to issue rights without exams and training in driving schools! Yes, it was possible before, but since 2014 amendments have been introduced to the legislation that abolish the ability to submit documents for passing theoretical and practical exams without attending licensed driving schools.

These changes were not introduced by chance. The fact is that the fleet of personal cars in our country is increasing every year. More and more citizens are becoming owners of personal transport and this growth will soon reach exponential progression, in relation to the beginning of the 2000s. In proportion to the increased number of cars on the roads, the number of people wishing to get a driver’s license is also growing, each of whom is convinced that he is just an assistant driving and will pass all the exams without any problems the first time.

In fact, this is not the case and the units in the end were simply overloaded with such externals who constantly apply for exams, fail them and try to pass them again. As a result, it was decided to admit to the exams in the traffic police only in the presence of documents on successfully passed tests in the driving school.

Many educational institutions have proved flexible and are ready to offer, self-confident drivers, a shortened course, at a reduced price, which includes only listening to the theory and passing final tests on a common basis with the main group. But just go and pass the exams for a long time it is impossible!