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buy a passport

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Buy a passport: what does it threaten. How to take European documents?

Recently, proposals such as “We produce European documents. Passports (passports), identification cards (internal passports)… High quality, holograms, glow in ultraviolet, from the original is difficult to distinguish.”

We offer to take into account the experience of our lawyers, based on real stories.

In the 90s, USA offered to buy fake birth certificates with ancestors who had Greek nationality, on the basis of which it was possible to obtain Greek citizenship and buy a passport.

In the 2000s, similar cases were archived in Greece, issued passports were withdrawn, and applicants (including minor family members – i.e. even children!) were entered into the Schengen Information System. On the basis of the current entry in the Schengen Information System, all members of such a family are denied visas.

At the moment, it is possible to close the entry in the Schengen visa information system to the children of such applicants, but this takes several years, and costs tens of thousands of euros. Pay attention – we are talking about children who could not consciously break the law!

Cases, for example, when at the border (and any of the Schengen countries) the owner of such a document with the buy a passport itself in his hands was found are simply unsuspendable. That is, both we and our lawyers warn immediately that there is practically no chance of closing such a case.

And we can do nothing to help a person who has a career over the years, and there is a need, for example, to go to Europe for work.

The situation with forged documents is currently complicated by the fact that border points (as well as consulates of the Schengen countries) are equipped with fingerprint scanners and a single visa information system is being created – i.e. a database of all foreigners who have requested a visa or had criminal offenses in the Schengen countries (and some other countries that apply Schengen legislation in a limited way).

That is, if you get caught at the border (or after passing the border on the territory of the country) with a fake passport – your data will get into the Visa Information System and entry into the Schengen countries and part of the EU countries will be closed to you. In our experience with Greek fake passports – such a record has no statute of limitations. That is, it means the closure of Schengen and part of the EU forever.

We strongly DO NOT recommend you to buy passports. This is a time bomb, and the only question is at what point it will explode, dividing your life in half – before (with all the possibilities of legally moving to Europe) and after (criminal offense and the inability to travel to Europe