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buy counterfeit dollars

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How to verify and buy counterfeit dollars the authenticity of dollars at home

Now in circulation there are two types of banknotes in denominations of 100 dollars: old and new. A complete renovation began in 2003 with a $20 note, and in 2013 a new “hundred” entered the market. For all series, some general criteria are valid, how to distinguish $ 100 from fake:
•on the front side should be a portrait of Benjamin Franklin;
•all dollars are printed on a special canvas, clearly different from ordinary paper;
•the surface of the banknote is a little rough;
•counterfeit bills are usually much thinner than the original ones.

Features of banknotes of the old and new sample should be considered separately.

How to verify the authenticity of the buy counterfeit dollars of the old sample

It is the banknotes of the old sample that are forged most often. In order not to run into scammers, it is advisable to pay attention to the following elements:
1.Bill frame. In the original, it should be clear and continuous.
2.Portrait. This portrait is characterized by realism and increased attention to detail. On one side there is necessarily an inscription “The United States of America”, which will be viewed only in a magnifying glass.
3.Serial numbers. If you have time, you can compare the serial numbers of banknotes. Uniqueness is the main condition for authenticity.
4.Protective strip. It can be seen when considering the banknote into the light. In the strip is the inscription USA and denomination 100.
5.Watermarks. The appropriate security elements should be clearly visible from both sides. Small banknotes issued before 1996 do not have a watermark.
6.Verso. At the back of the bill is the façade of Independence Hall.

100 dollars of a new sample

Recent developments in the field of currency security have allowed the Treasury to issue a $ 100 banknote of a new sample, which almost all counterfeiters are trying to avoid. It’s all about new levels of protection, almost impossible to imitate. In most cases, scammers expect that not everyone is intimately familiar with the new bills.

If scammers try to imitate a new bill, there will always be differences in the details. It is almost impossible to foresee all the nuances.

Home ways to verify the authenticity of money

Methods of protecting banknotes are being improved from year to year, making it difficult for counterfeiters to do. The most effective way to determine the authenticity of money is the use of special equipment. However, the average user does not have access to such devices, so you have to rely on the senses.

Fortunately, many criteria for determining a fake by tactile sensations, color, and other parameters have been developed. To guarantee your peace of mind, it is advisable to know in advance what a real $ 1 looks like.

To the touch

Original dollars are printed on high-quality cotton and linen paper. In terms of characteristics and properties, it differs from wood paper, as well as more rough and dense to the touch. If you consider the surface with a magnifying glass, you can see the interweaving of fibers.

The material of the banknotes is quite elastic, but the banknotes still crunch noticeably when crumple. If necessary, even a very crumpled banknote can be smoothed to the initial state.

The specific sensations of touching buy counterfeit dollars are due to the use of a special printing technology called “intaglio”. The paper in this case is pressed into the engraved plate, thereby acquiring a special texture.

Unlike a fake, the original dollar has a tangible relief. It is enough just to run your fingernail on the clothes of the depicted president. To simulate this effect does not work even in the most advanced counterfeiters.

By color

To create buy counterfeit dollars, paper without optical bleach is used, which gives it a characteristic yellowish-green tint. If you enlighten the original with ultraviolet, you can notice significant darkening in the free areas.

By the presence of colored fibers

In the original banknotes, upon closer examination, you can see small villi of red and blue color. And they are not printed together with the rest of the images, but are pressed into paper. Counterfeiters in most cases can not afford such an operation and are limited to one of the following methods of application:
•scan and print together with the main image;
•drawing with special markers (villi are thick and are located directly on the surface of the paper);
•fibers from banknotes of smaller denomination are glued (such elements are easily separated from the banknote with a needle).

For a better consideration of colored fibers, it is desirable to use a magnifying glass with a fourfold magnification.

By paint quality

Printing of images on the banknote is carried out with the help of special paint, the composition of which is kept in strict confidence. On the front side use black paint, which has magnetic properties. The reverse side of the banknote is printed with non-magnetized green paint.

More information. The high quality of the compositions used determines the durability of banknotes and the preservation of image clarity regardless of the mode of operation. The easiest way to check the paint is to friction the bills against each other. If the images are blurred, then the banknotes are definitely not real.

By control letter

Banknotes in denominations of $ 1 and $ 2 have a control letter, which is located on the left side of the portrait of the president. It has space inside the print. The serial alphabetical number of this letter is duplicated three more times at the corners of the light part of the bill. On banknotes with high denomination, the control letter is not used.

By edge

Real dollar bills always have a smooth and clear frame. A distinctive feature of such a frame are the endings in the form of saws and pointed ends.

By portrait

One of the most common ways of artisanal buy counterfeit dollars is the so-called zeroing. In this case, zeros are simply added to the original banknote of a smaller denomination. Detection of such a fake usually will not cause any problems, since in this case it is enough just to remember the appearance and names of the presidents depicted on the banknotes.

If counterfeiters resort to forging a portrait, they do it most often extremely unprofessionally. Because of this, small shortcomings appear in the final portrait, which an attentive person will be able to notice without problems. Changes may affect eyes, facial features, clothing, or hairstyles.

Separately, it is worth paying attention to the quality of the portrait. There should be no stains or irregularities. On fakes, you can often find a darker background created by artisanal means.

Additional signs

Additionally, it makes sense to consider the seal of the US Treasury, located on each bill. In the original, it has a rich shade and smooth lines.

Important! You can also pay attention to microprinting directly on the portrait. It should indicate the denomination of the bill.

What to do if you buy counterfeit dollars banknotes 100 dollars

If a counterfeit banknote is detected, you must immediately contact law enforcement agencies. It is strictly forbidden to store such banknotes or use them to pay for goods, since such an act is criminally punishable. A person may well be accused of storing and distributing counterfeit money or even counterfeiting.

It is advisable to remember the person from whom the money was received. The more detailed the circumstances of receiving counterfeit money, the higher the probability of finding an attacker.

It is advisable not to touch the banknote, but immediately transfer it to the package. So there will be a chance to recognize counterfeiters by