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darknet market

Darkway — Marketplace selling documents, credit cards, weapons. You can open a store for free. Strict administration. Fraudsters are immediately blocked.


In addition to weapons and drugs: what else can be found in the “darknet market”

There is everything – it’s not only about the famous USA search engine. This is about the DarkNet (DarkNet) – the dark side of the Internet, where you can buy almost everything, but not for rubles. You can travel through its expanses anonymously, but only as long as you are not interested in people in uniform. You can do anything there, but there are limitations. At least moral. Or none at all.


Imagine that the Internet is an iceberg in the ocean. In its visible surface part there is everything that can find. Google. Or Yahoo – if this search engine after a series of scandals is capable of anything else at all. Facebook, Google with its many services and with its All the same torrent trackers, despite their doubtfulness from the point of view of and copyright holders, and they too. In short, the surface part of the iceberg is the most familiar and relatively safe (except for cyber attacks, fraud and not always truthful information) Internet.

Let’s go down under the water and get entangled in the darknet market, also known as DeepWeb. No one will say exactly how big it is. The deep web is a set of web pages that are not indexed by search engines. These can be sites that are not linked to other resources by hyperlinks. Sites whose owners for some reason do not want to be found by the conditional  Google and they became available to everyone. It is not necessary that the owner is driven by criminal or semi-criminal intentions.

Perhaps he has created a forum where he wants to see only those who have received a personal invitation. Or he just wants to. Maybe he’s paranoid. Well, anything can happen. Of course, you can get to the site from the darknet market, but only if its URL is known. But more often we do not know it only because we are not interested in it and do not need it. At all.

And finally, the DarkNet. If you ask an experienced system administrator, he will say that the Darknet is a special case of a distributed peer-to-peer network. He will also add that this is the so-called overlay network (from the English Overlay Network), which operates on top of another network. In our case, on top of the native and beloved Internet.


A darknet is a network that cannot be reached using a regular browser, even if the URL is known. There are several ways to access the darknet market. The easiest is to use the Tor browser.

With the help of Tor, you can get to ordinary sites from the surface part of our Internet iceberg. However, since Tor is designed, among other things, to confuse network traces, the request, for example, it will process annoyingly long. All because we will get first to some foreign server, the so-called input node (although we can get to the USA one, the servers are selected randomly at the default settings), then, already in encrypted form, the request is redirected inside Tor, gets to the output node and only then reaches. And if you enable in the browser some more settings to complicate the life of special services, you will have to wait for the desired result even longer.

Trial dive

All resources on the Darknet do not have the usual domain names like  .com or .org URLs on the Darknet use the top-level pseudo-domain .onion (from The Onion Router) and often completely meaningless names like rjkl30ro.onion. Because the people who created these sites do not really aspire to popularity and they do not need beautiful memorable names at all.

They need something else. And most often – money. Or pleasure. Or both.

You can find everything on the darknet market. The launcher may not be. But light small arms — from James Bond’s favorite Walter PPK to the sniper rifle and AK-47 — have no problem. Walter PPK – 600 euros. Desert Eagle, known to a wide audience for Hollywood action movies, – 1250 euros. SIG Sauer P226 – 790 euros. Drugs? No question! Any. Even the most exotic. Pornography? Where without it.

Financial services? And it is. True, with a criminal tinge: accounts PayPal, credit cards, fake euros and dollars, dark financial schemes on forums, tips such as “how to make a million dollars by doing almost nothing.” This is a very incomplete list of fintech services.

Having trouble with your documents? And here the darknet market, like Chip and Dale, rushes to the rescue. Passport of a British citizen (the seller assures that it is genuine) – 2 thousand euros. And if fake – it is much cheaper. Texas State Driver’s License? Free shipping anywhere in the world. At least to the neighboring branch of the USA Post.

Do you want to hack the mail of a colleague at work or boss? Or someone’s Facebook page? Order a DDoS attack on a competitor’s website? What else do you want? Teams of hackers and professionals-singles will always be found. By the way, the prices for their services are relatively low, given the final result.

According to the report of Dell, whose specialists spent more than one day on the Darknet, hacking Gmail mail or an account in the American segment of Facebook is relatively inexpensive – on average, $ 129. I want to read someone else’s mail on or – from $ 65.

Rubles, dollars or euros sellers do not accept. Only bitcoins. You can transfer your native currency to digital immediately. True, here the buyer begins to have problems, and the most insignificant of them is to pay, but not to receive the promised.

New interesting acquaintances

Last week, writes, the police of several countries staged a grandiose raid on sellers and buyers on the darknet market.

The results are not bad. In the United States, the FBI detained 150 people suspected of buying drugs. It is not known exactly how they managed to reach all the suspects. But in Los Angeles, for example, they just checked the parcels on the usual American mail.

Swedish police have even better performance: more than 3,000 suspected drug trafficking. 160 shoppers now communicate with police officers in New Zealand. The largest recent operation involved law enforcement agencies in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

So do not be surprised if, instead of a postal courier, a group of men in uniform with service weapons rings the