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What is the darknet and why our data is sold there?

DarkNet (English DarkNet – “hidden network”, “dark network” or “shadow network”) is a segment of the Internet that is hidden from public access. The connection in it is established between trusted peers (participants) in encrypted form, using non-standard ports and protocols. The darknet uses its own DNS, that is, domains, and address space.

You can get into the darknet using special software – for example, Tor Browser or I2P.

Tor is a browser that encrypts traffic when you’re inside, but it can still be tracked at the input and output.

How does Tor Browser work?

Tor distributes your traffic over a network that consists of nods (or repeaters) – thousands of servers that are created and maintained by volunteers to ensure security and anonymity. Every time you connect to Tor, it builds the fastest and safest route, which includes three nods:

Input note — used when connecting. It sees your IP address, but it doesn’t see what you’re connecting to.
The middle nod is the one to which the Tor client itself connects. It also doesn’t see your IP address or the domain you’re connecting to, but it does see the input and traffic direction.
The output bit is the point from which your traffic leaves the Tor network and is redirected to the destination domain. This noda only knows what you are connecting to.

All nods are selected randomly and periodically changed.

I2P is a proxy service that passes through all traffic, including instant messengers and other applications. It is much slower than Tor, but provides both anonymity and privacy.

There are also special distributions for the operating system: they need to be installed on the computer and reboot it, after which you can go to the darknet. Then you need to restart the computer again – and all data about your activity disappears.
What do “anonymity” and “privacy” / “privacy” mean on the darknet?

“Anonymity is really dead, as everyone likes to say now,” says Rain Sendlor, CEO of Tazeros Global Systems, an expert in collecting and analyzing big data. – It is almost impossible to do something without identifying yourself. But there are so-called levels of anonymity – depending on what and from whom you are hiding.”

According to Brain, Tor Browser allows you to achieve a high level of anonymity of your actions on the darknet. However, the provider always knows who you are: he has your passport details. He can’t track specific activities inside the darkweb, he can’t figure out which of the users inside the apartment building is there, but he always knows that we’re using a VPN connection or a Tor Browser.

“There were precedents – for example, when mathematician Brian hosted an output note Tor. As a result, someone committed illegal actions within the Tor network, and special services came to him, because his IP address was the last, according to the provider, “the expert recalls.

Brian  himself explained this by the fact that he maintained an output node of the Tor network on his computer so that his IP address could be used by others. In May 2018, all charges were dropped, but a new defendant was immediately found.

Brian after one of the court sessions

That is, the IP address is the only information available in this case to the FSB, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and everyone. Therefore, within the darknet itself, you can remain anonymous. However, it all depends on the user – what and to whom he will tell.

Is it true that only criminals use the darknet?

Daniel, Director of the BI Expert Services Unit. ZONE, a cybersecurity expert, explains: “The prefix ‘dark’ in the word ‘darknet’ does not necessarily mean belonging to something illegal, it only says that it is a segment of the Internet where everything works a little differently. I would put it as the ‘reverse’ rather than the

‘dark’ side.”