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market tor

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What can you buy on the market tor? Tones illegal goods on darknet

Many people use Tor for anonymous purchases of goods with payment in cryptocurrency. We have created a selection of products that you can easily find on the tor market.

On sites hosted in this network, you can find hundreds of thousands of different products, both quite ordinary and not quite legal. There are also quite illegal ones. Such goods are difficult to get in the mail, so they are transmitted using “bookmarks”.

Let’s make a small review of the anonymous market tor. It will give an idea of what and at what price you can buy on the tor market, whether it is a diploma from a prestigious Western university or a device for stealing bank card data.

Note that this text is given solely to satisfy the curiosity of readers. The authors strongly warn readers against buying items and substances prohibited for distribution. That is why we do not specify links to pages with drugs, weapons, also do not give data of USA sellers from the market tor.

  1. Passports and driver’s licenses

The range of prices for forged, lost or stolen documents is quite wide. So, a fake British passport will cost $ 630, and for a real passport of a Dutch citizen ask only $ 150. A U.S. driver’s license will cost $120. Immediately the passport of a citizen of one of the EU countries is offered for $ 7,000.

It should be borne in mind that the market tor for forged documents is teeming with scammers, so it is very difficult to say for sure whether a British passport should cost $ 600 or $ 6,000. And not the fact that the buyer will get at least something for this money.


  1. Fake diplomas and documents.

Cambridge University’s degree at Tor is estimated at $380. The student card of this educational institution can be bought for $ 69 – theoretically, with its help you can use discounts and benefits.

If you thought that the forgery of a student card is meaningless, then this is not so – in an anonymous network it is quite possible to find an offer to purchase for $ 12 monthly bus pass in Budapest or German postal envelopes with a stamp on payment for services at a price of $ 17 per 100 pieces.

  1. Lime seals

A copy of any seal with any drawing will cost $ 160. The fake seal of the German company Dekra, the largest independent car appraiser, costs $ 29.

  1. Carding equipment

Carding is the illegal receipt of bank card data and the theft of money from accounts that are tied to them. Persons who are engaged in such fishing are called carders. Group-IB estimates that the worldwide damage from their operations in 2014 amounted to $ 680,000,000.

The easiest way to get other people’s data is to install a skimmer – a device for reading the magnetic tape of the card. The simplest skimmer, which is installed outside the slot – a card receiver in an ATM – costs $ 165, but any attentive person in adequate condition can easily detect it. More complex devices that completely imitate the client panel of the terminal will cost $ 1500.

  1. Carding technics

One of the easiest ways to benefit from stolen data is to buy goods with it and then sell it. Such goods are called carzhenye.

However, fraudsters, insuring, in every possible way hide their identity, conducting such operations. Therefore, they find a person, a “drop”, ready for a certain percentage of the full cost to receive goods purchased using stolen data. Drop transfers the agreed amount to the carder, and he sends the goods, such as the iPhone.

However, there is a great danger that by sending money to the carder, the drop will be left with nothing, being a victim of a throw. In addition, no one canceled the effect of Article 175 of the Criminal Code of the USA ,which establishes liability for the acquisition of property obtained knowingly by criminal means. The punishment can range from 40 thousand rubles fine to several years in prison.

  1. Goods for dealers of narcotic substances.

The darknet provides a huge selection of goods for the hidden movement of substances. Of course, they are intended primarily for traffickers of psychoactive substances prohibited for circulation. So, in market tor you can buy a container disguised as a bottle of Cola or iPhone for $ 39.

There is also a wide range of accessories for drug traffickers. For miniature scales disguised as a computer mouse or the same iPhone, they ask for $ 29 and $ 19, respectively.

  1. Animal parts

Among the inhabitants of some countries, there is a belief that the powder made from the horn of the black rhino cures many diseases, gives physical strength, increases potency, etc. Since there are about 3,000 black rhinos around the world and they all live in protected reserves, the prices for raw materials for the drug are simply off the scale. So, the seller estimated the horn weighing 1 pound (435 g) at $ 20,000, noting that he was asking so cheaply, because money was urgently needed. The horn of an adult weighing 3-5 kg poachers estimate at $ 300,000-$ 350,000.

In addition to the horn of the rhinoceros, you can find other proposals of this kind – body parts of rare and exotic animals. The scale of the disaster is such that threatened species of animals are guarded with the help of satellites, trackers and armed guards.


It should be remembered that, in addition to those who like to sell illegal goods, market tor attracts the close attention of special services and law enforcement officers from around the world. It is not only confirmed on dealers and buyers of arms and drugs.

Therefore, the authors categorically do not recommend readers to use the services of dubious sites of an anonymous network in order to avoid major troubles with serious consequences. It’s definitely not

worth it.