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Scam project and scam list tor: what does it mean and how to protect yourself?

Scam. A word that carries a clearly negative connotation. A word that people do not want to hear when they participate in any projects, especially investment ones.

Why don’t people like scam? Because for most participants and depositors, it means the loss of money. If someone came out in the plus (most often the creators), then the flow of free money stops.

What’s it?

Scam is not an abbreviation, but a word that came to USA from English (from scam). You can translate this concept into USA as a fraud.

The word “scam list tor” itself has already been so intrinsic to the language that translations are not used. Moreover, new forms appeared: the project “sucked”, that is, stopped paying.

The following synonyms of this concept can be given:

  • planned bankruptcy – that is, the goal of “throwing” people was from the very beginning;
  • termination of payments;
  • Closing the project.

We can say that a scam is a partial or complete failure of management to fulfill its obligations to investors, i.e. non-payment of funds.

The danger is that the fraud itself is most often not obvious, and if the money to depositors has ceased to flow, then the administration or the creator comes up with convincing reasons for this, leading customers by the nose and collecting even more money from them.

Who is a scammer, and his role as an administrator

Scammer is the administrator of a project that will end in failure, that is, a professional fraudster. It can be found everywhere:

  • in the bank;
  • on the street;
  • in the store;
  • on the forum;
  • on a dating site;
  • on social media and so on.

He will be friendly and will support the conversation well, trying to gain the trust of his victim.

Usually scammers work alone, but sometimes there are also groups of “like-minded people”. Although Scammer is an administrator, creator, and advertiser, but his role in the closure of the project is greatly exaggerated, because when launching his project, he himself does not know how long it will exist. In this regard, he is not much different from other investors.

Of course, when creating any fraud scheme, the scammer can assume how long its activities will last: for example, the HYIP on the Internet will live a maximum of a week, and the financial pyramid can stretch for a year or even more.

But these are general patterns that do not depend on a particular person: the camera will not be able to change them, and the hype will never exist for decades.


Conventionally, all rock projects can be divided into two types:

  • Hypes,that is, projects that have no real basis behind them;
  • projects that at one time fulfill their obligations to customers, and then close.

In the first case, the project is closed as soon as the maximum profit is collected. It should be understood that such organizations are created precisely with the aim of deceiving citizens and getting money, so they always end with a scam.

They can be divided into several categories by the period of existence:

  1. Short-term. Scam list tor is launched with very active and aggressive advertising, which provides a large flow of investors. Super profits are guaranteed, but the project itself lives for about a week, and then it will come down.
  2. Medium-term. These projects can already exist for several months and even pay dividends to the first investors from the money of new depositors. When this flow decreases, a scaml occurs.
  3. Long-term. I can exist for several years, paying profits to customers. A scam occurs at a time when there is a decrease in cash inflows, or there is no opportunity for future development.


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