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silk road

Darkway — Marketplace selling documents, credit cards, weapons. You can open a store for free. Strict administration. Fraudsters are immediately blocked.


The legendary darknet market Silk road amazon of the world of drugs

Drug trafficking, philosophy and high technology rarely come together. But the story of the legendary Silk Road market, which worked for almost three years in the “dark web”, is just one of such rare cases.

In early 2011, the Gawker blog wrote about a very unusual tech startup – so to speak, an underground market where illicit goods are traded, among which drugs occupy the first place. “Darknet market is like Amazon if Amazon were selling psychotropic drugs,” reads the article that began Darknet market’s widespread fame.

Silk Road perfectly follows the model of modern startups: a young private business that uses the latest technology to make the lives of its users “easier”; those gladly pay for convenience, and this allows inventors to enrich themselves fabulously. Only “convenience” in this case means “buy cocaine and not be beaten and robbed”, technology is anonymous proxies and “dark web”, wealth is a series of Bitcoin hashes, and the exit strategy for entrepreneurs in this case sounds like “not to go to jail”. With this, however, came a small misfire.

Very large and very black

Silk Road never published its statistics, but according to rough estimates at the beginning of 2013, it offered about ten thousand items of products, of which 70 percent were drugs, and the rest were weapons, forged documents, counterfeit products and so on. In total, about 340 varieties of narcotic substances could be found on the site.

There are different estimates of how much money passed through Silk Road, but, for example, according to estimates for the first half of 2012, about $ 15 million a month came out. At the beginning of 2013, analysts estimated the monthly turnover of Darknet market at 30-40 million dollars.

Darknet market owes its existence to two things: the electronic currency Bitcoin and the distributed anonymize Tor. As you know, Tor can hide not only the identity of site visitors, but, if necessary, the site itself: the link to it will end in .onion, and a simple browser will not open it. Sites hidden in this way are often called the “dark web” (darknet), and for obvious reasons, it is necessary to resort to these distribution channels in cases where there is something to