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Darkway — Marketplace selling documents, credit cards, weapons. You can open a store for free. Strict administration. Fraudsters are immediately blocked.


How to search sites of the tor network invisible network

Search engines like Google index more than a trillion pages of the World Wide Web, but there is information on the internet that can’t be reached through organic search engines. In most cases, such information should be searched directly on the sites of the tor network. The deep web (invisible web) also includes information about secretive communities that want to avoid publicity and interest in themselves from the authorities.

Understand what the Tor network is. The Tor network is an area of the invisible network, sometimes called the “Dark Net”, used to trade, communicate, and store information that needs to be restricted. To access the Tor network, you must use special software (tor browser; this way you can browse the websites of the .onion domain). Most of the activity on the Tor network is illegal (or semi-legal), but this network is used by journalists to communicate with anonymous sources of information, as well as people who want to ensure the maximum level of protection of their information.

  • Access to the Tor network is legal, but your activity in it may not be so.

Download the Tor browser. It’s a free program with which you can browse the web anonymously; the Tor browser makes it very difficult for those who track users’ internet activity. Many communities on the invisible web are only accessible through the Tor browser, as they prefer anonymity, privacy, and secrecy. Download the Tor browser from this siteto access the invisible web.

  • Web pages on the Tor network are generally unreliable, that is, they may be inaccessible for several hours or days, or disappear forever. They also load slowly, as the Tor network is based on connecting to it through the computers of other users (to protect your anonymity).
  • Tor browser supports Android and iOS, but in these Tor systems the browser does not guarantee your anonymity, and therefore they are not recommended to use.
  • Moreover, Tor extensions for other browsers are not reliable and are generally not supported by the Tor organization.

Ensure your anonymity. Access to the invisible network is legal, but many people use anonymity to engage in illegal activities. Taking the following precautions, avoid malicious attacks and law enforcement tracking of your activity:

  • Click on the “S” (to the left of the address bar of the Tor browser) and click “Disable scripts on a global scale”.
  • Turn on the firewall (on Windows or Mac OS).
  • Seal the lens of the webcam (or built-in laptop camera) with opaque tape (preferably one that leaves no traces).
  • Never download files from web pages on the Tor network, even documents .pdf or .doc. It is especially unsafe to share files through torrent trackers.

Get started by introducing to the invisible web. One of the most popular sites on the Deep Web is the Hidden Wiki,which includes links to useful sites on the invisible web. If you can’t access that site in the Tor browser, try opening this or this alternative site.You can also ask for advice from invisible network users on the /r/deepweb, /r/onions, /r/Torsites.

  • Most sites of the tor network on the invisible web can only be accessed through the Tor browser, not a regular browser.

Use a specialized search engine. In the deep web, the use of conventional search engines is not very effective. To search for information in the deep web, use specialized search engines, for example, Torch, TorSearch,Ahmia.

  • If you are looking for a very well-known site from the invisible web, then a regular search engine, for example, Google, will find it.

Use specialized services of the invisible network. Legal deep web services are similar to services from a regular network, such as an image sharing service.Other services are more specific, such as secure civic activity sites to expose illegal activities and collections of anti-government e-books. Communicate with users of the deep web. This area of the internet is losing out to major sites of the tor network, partly because of curbing illegal activity, and partly because many sites of the tor network are created and maintained without any serious financial support. To find out the latest news of the invisible network, communicate with its users on the OnionChat