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stores in the tor network

Darkway — Marketplace selling documents, credit cards, weapons. You can open a store for free. Strict administration. Fraudsters are immediately blocked.


On personal experience: what you can buy on stores in the tor network

How things work

The darknet is an underground Internet that exists on the basis of the main one. You can enter it only with the help of special programs. They are distributed by non-profit organizations. The most popular is Tor. It combines the program and the browser together – all this is presented as a Tor-browser, that is, a whole package of programs: a router that allows you to enter the darknet, and a special version of Firefox, where all the features that allow you to identify a person are disabled or limited.

What do I need to go to the darknet? Actually, a Tor browser that can be downloaded for free for any platform, and links to the necessary directories.

In the darknet, the DuckDuckGo search engine is popular, which, unlike Google, does not collect and does not store any data about the user.

But its search capabilities on the darknet are still limited, and many sites can only know their exact address.

Stores in the tor network are located in the domain zone .onion. To log in to many sites, you must log in. But for this you do not need to enter your contact details – mail, phone, social networks. It is enough to come up with a login and password at first. The more random they are, the better.

In the darknet, everything is arranged in the same way as in the usual – there are news sites, markets, different imageboards such as 4chan, sites that sell one product and the like. The main distinguishing feature is that most of the sites here are engaged in something illegal. If it is news, then prohibited, the product is counterfeit or illegal, the discussions on the forums are appropriate.

What’s for sale

We go to one of the largest stores in the tor network – Alphabaw Market. On the left is a panel that lists all product groups. For example, fraud is a guide to hacking, security, social engineering. Next is the sale of drugs, which, in fact, is about 70% of all goods. You can also buy accounts in social networks or logins and passwords from them, personal information and scans of passports, a variety of documents – from social security numbers to driver’s licenses.

In the Guides & Tutorials section – instructions on how to do something. For example, the production of drugs – here gradually paint the method of preparation. Such guides are paid and free. The latter is, as a rule, the collection of information that can be googled on the usual Internet. An example of a paid guide is the ability to use Amazon Refund, that is, instructions on how to behave properly in order to get a refund for some product. The cost is $9.

On this stores in the tor network you can buy counterfeit goods – clothes, electronics; keys for games; books that are difficult to find on the regular Internet; logins and passwords for many sites.

Now a popular topic is life-time passwords for pornography sites: you buy a password for $ 5, which gives access to various pornographic sites, as soon as their owner closes access, you contact the seller and he gives you another password. As long as there are such offices, you can get passwords from them for free as much as you want. sites are the most popular, then there are movie sites Netflix, Hulu, then – news outlets, access to which is closed. For example, The New York Times.

Most often in the darknet, our hero buys surfactants – psychoactive substances. Goes to the site where they are sold, selects the product and the most popular sellers who can provide it. Examines information about the seller to make sure that he is reliable. How is it done? You need to pay attention to the indicators next to the nickname: the number of transactions and the level of trust. Ideally, these numbers should be high. After – read reviews (they leave only those users who have already bought) and reviews outside the market on Reddit or on darknet forums, for example, on The Majestic Garden. These characteristics of Vova are enough to decide whether to trust the seller. Reputable sellers ask for a full prepayment, “beginners” receive money only after the buyer has received the order.

In the stores in the tor network, you need to pay not with ordinary money, but with cryptocurrency. There are several types of them, our hero uses bitcoins. That is, for real money buys bitcoins.

One of his last purchases was LSD. It was sent in a regular letter. A cardboard is inserted into the envelope, inside of which blotters sealed in an opaque bag are food paper with highly absorbent properties, covered with food paints. There are 25 small “stamps” in them, this is LSD.

The seller received the postal address in encrypted form using a special program GnuPG. Encryption keys are destroyed after the end of the transaction. And in general, all communication is destroyed as soon as possible, or not saved at all, if it is jabber-chats. This is done so that the owner of the forum or special services could not see the correspondence. Delivery usually takes 20-40 days.


It is very desirable to check the goods that have arrived, says Brian, and for this there are special sets – reagents. They can be ordered directly from Amazon or find analogues on the stores in the tor network. The presence of LSD can be partially confirmed by the Ehrlich test. It and other tests do not target any one substance and do not give a 100% guarantee. However, a positive result indicates the presence of the right